Steps for presentation – Các bước chuẩn bị cho một bài trình bày

Tran thi Lan, HANU


Making presentation is an important part of your study at university. It is advisable that you follow these essential steps.

1. Selecting topics. The teacher can give you topic. You might like to select the one that you are most interested in, but make sure to ask for approval from your teacher.

2. Gathering materials. There are different sources available. Refer to your lecturer’s advice, any tips provided in the lectures. Read any background materials either in Vietnamese, or English, or what ever language you think useful for you. Make sure to indicate sources if you ever quote or use anyone’s idea in your presentation

3. Sketching out the plan. A good outline will help you more confident in your talk. It consists of:




  • Greeting the audience
  • Overviewing of what you are going to say
  • Informing about time, or any rules you might like the audience to follow while you are delivering the speech.





  • Starting from each point in order of priority as indicated in your outline.
  • Make sure to get your audience well-informed by using sound linking devices.
  • Be direct and to the point and
  • Stick to time schedule, never exceed your allowed talk-time.




  • Restating major points you have talked about in your presentation.
  • Let some room for questions and answers.

4. Writing your presentation:

you don’t have to write a complete presentation in form of an essay. Instead, write necessary points you want to deliver to the audience in cards, if you don’t have an electronic projector. You might like to put major points in an Ao paper

5. Rehearsing:



  • Speech: slow, clear, with a pause when necessary.
  • Voice: various, with rising or lowering intonation. Pay attention to word stress, sentence stress
  • Posture: hold your body properly. Keep your head up, chin out. Keep eye contact when communicating with the audience.
  • Gesture: don’t scratch your hair or fiddle your jewellery. All those are likely to distract the audience.


6. Presenting:



  • Be clear and logical. Use connectors where appropriate. Repeat any points if necessary
  • Involve audience as much as you can.
  • Ask questions
  • Make your presentation fun and enjoyable
  • Talk gently, friendlily, comprehensibly, confidently
  • Do try to use technology. Use audial, visual aid if possible.
  • Be informative and interesting
  • Don’t forget to say thank you to the audience when you finish.



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